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West Star's unique service is it's ability to find and develop property, and converting it into valuable commercial property.  Most customers sign up early in the process.  The company can help to secure a building site, get the plans drawn, provide cost estimates along the way, interface with lending instituitons, and build the highest quality building possible.


West Star can review your project plans, and recommend alternatives to decrease design charges as well as assist you with cost analysis, determining your construction expenditure.  Without infringing on the architect's original aesthetic or practical concepts, our value engineering services can turn a rendering that looks good on paper into a viable structure.


West Star Construction enjoys a reputation among subcontractors for fairness, integrity, and objectivity in contract evaluation.  This gives us the opportunity to get the best from them for our clients.


Arial ViewWest Star Construction adheres to a longstanding commitment to protect workers from personal injury and to protect clients against liability.  Our operations manager inspects all projects for compliance.  Regular training sessions are provided to ensure current safety standards and practices are understood and implemented.  As a result, we have one of the lowest experience modifications rates in the industry, which contributes to lower project costs.


  Jul 31, 2017
  West Star Construction is proud to announce the construction of a new spec building for Dawson Mauld...
  Jul 31, 2017
  West Star Construction is proud to announce a new location for Social Vocational Services in Visalia...

Porterville 4-plex

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