Multi-Unit Residential  

West Star Construction has built multi-residential buildings for quite a number of years, and has several plans that will fit the need and pocket book of most investors. We currently have three projects in the planning stage that will feature our two story four-plex, and something new for West Star: 3 story buildings with either 10 or 12 units. The top units will be two stories. 
West Star has always planned plenty of ‘green belts’ and trees in their multi-unit residential projects, which promotes a home-like environment. Some of these projects will include garages, and all of them will have plenty of parking.
If you have any questions, call Dave Crinklaw at 559-897-0349 

  Jul 31, 2017
  West Star Construction is proud to announce the construction of a new spec building for Dawson Mauld...
  Jul 31, 2017
  West Star Construction is proud to announce a new location for Social Vocational Services in Visalia...

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